Nouvelle Annee: 1760

January 25th 2020

Saturday: 10:00am–5:00pm

The sights, sounds, smells and textures of the past assault your senses as you pass the sentries and cross the threshold of the gate house Fort Wayne’s Historic Old Fort.

It is Winter, the old year has ended, a new year begins at Post des Miami which will one day be known as Fort Wayne, IN. The new year, 1760, brings with it for the people of Post des Miami, many of the same feelings we might be experiencing after today’s New Year.

Join with French Soldiers, civilians and Native American Allies as they try to survive the turmoil of the French and Indian War raging at it’s peak in the eastern US. Watch the Barber Surgeon try to treat the sickness of a smallpox epidemic brought on by Native and French soldiers returning from the Siege of Fort William Henry against the English, Welcome the arrival of a new post commandant following the capture of the prior commander by the English, Help the garrison hunt for food along the Three Rivers, and fall in to drill along with the soldiers of His Majesty’s Troupes de la Marine. An immersive day of living history awaits.