Nouvelle Annee: 1756

January 28th 2017

Saturday: 10:00am–5:00pm

Experience a winter with the French of Fort Miamis.  Re-enactors from “Les Habitants et Marines du Post ed Miamis” will spend the weekend living in the Fort, which will be open for visitors on Saturday.  Their goal is to recreate actual events which occurred in and around what is now Fort Wayne in the year 1757. They do so by examining letters written by the French commanders of what was then known as Fort Miamis and then attempt to recreate those events.  Mail call, military drills, scouting, cooking and sewing will be some of the events taking place during the event.

Schedule of activities:

10:00am – Opening, Raising of the Colors, Inspection of Garrison, Guard Mount

11:00am – First Patrol: Let’s Make a Trade, find the natives to strike a deal

11:45am – Military Trial: Frontier Justice

12:00am – Second Patrol: The Mail is Late, find the Fort’s dispatches

12:30 – Rations Issued to the Soldiers

12:30 – Officers Tea

1:30pm – Issue of pay and post to the Garrison

3:00pm – Third Patrol: The natives are Restless, find the native chief

4:45pm – Lowering of Colors

5:00pm – site closed to public