Muster Ourside the Fort
Many of America’s national treasures are locked away in glass cases.  Some are available only to selected scholars.  Others are too fragile to be displayed at all.

     The Old Fort is a different venue all together.  From the smoke and fire of the Blacksmith’s shop , the woodworkers shavings covered floor , the open hearth aromas of traditional foods or the various other crafts and occupations that are regularly preserved and presented to our visitors  –  History comes alive.

At the Old Fort visitors can awaken their senses, they can not only observe but they can smell and feel history come alive.  Maintaining and preserving the 9 buildings , their contents , and the 7 acre site along the St Mary’s river enables individuals, businesses and foundations just like you to enjoy a visceral experience from our rich heritage. Welcome to the Old Fort


Directions & Parking for

We are located right over the bridge as you are going north on Spy Run Ave.

Upcoming Events
Civil War Garrison Weekend Jan. 23-24
Nouvelle Annee Jan. 30-31
18th Century Garrison Mar. 12-13
Civil War Drill Mar. 19-20